Friday, October 24, 2014

The Hundred Eighty Degree Solution

Hold tight, Bat-Turn!

The Emergency Bat-Turn lever has been pulled, parachutes deployed, and this Batman is turning things around.

First off, a fangasmic thank you to all those who stopped by and said hello recently. Hearing from you all hit me so hard that words describing the impact appeared out of thin air. Connecting with my fellow Geeks once again has made me realize I can no longer stay away from my second home.

This past Summer, after having the chance to hangout with Jordan Hembrough, finding inspiration in other collectors writings, and sorting through my own collectibles, I have decided to make changes to not only how I collect, but what I collect.

Staying Away From Non Vintage Items

Toy R Us Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Official Certificate

I had been thinking lately of why and what I collect and the main reason I would say is nostalgia. However, for me, it is the toys from the 70's and 80's primarily from Mego and Kenner that truly produce that effect for me. Back in 1994 I bought into the new Star Wars Power of the Force line, which in many ways was very satisfying, but my interest waned very quickly. Same thing happened when the toys for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace were released. I waited in line outside Toy R Us at midnight when the action figures, vehicles, and playsets were released, but after my purchase I felt empty. So, even though there will be a plethora of new Star Wars toys next year, at this moment, I feel I probably won't be buying any of the new toys. Regardless, if I like the new movies or not. It has become my ambition to pursue the gaps in my loose World's Super Heroes and Star Wars line of toys because those are truly the toys that remind of my childhood and give me the fix that I crave so badly.

Backtracking and Collecting Lines I Missed Out On

There were many other movie and TV series based toy lines from my childhood like: The Black Hole, Buck Rogers, and Battlestar Galactica, but I am not sure any of those really get my juices flowing. I've recently been bit by the Kenner Indiana Jones line after Hobgoblin over at Monster Cafe Saltillo did a post on the Well of Souls playset he recently acquired. I remember having a great interest in that line as a child, but a new Star Wars toy always won over Indiana Jones. When it comes to collecting The Adventures of Indiana Jones artifacts I will only be purchasing quality items. Meaning AFA graded 80 or better toys. Those of you who are die hard "Toys are meant to be played with" mentality may find that idea absurd, but for now that is my goal.

Legend of the Lone Ranger action Figure
Another line in which I did have a bit of a chance to enjoy was Legend of the Lone Ranger toys produced by Gabriel. Gabriel produced the original 12 inch Lone Ranger figures in the early 70's and continued with the licensing to produce action figures based on the movie of the same title. Again, I'll be looking for high rated AFA items for this part of my collection as well.

Completing My Loose Vintage Star Wars Collection

There isn't much I don't have when comes to vintage Star Wars line, but there are a few items missing here and there. Namely, a few figures that were produced at the end of the toy lines original run, which is commonly known as the last 17.Yak Face is at the top of my list. Along with EV-9D9, Warok, Barada, and Romba to round out the rest. Sales of the original line had ceased rather quickly and I was not able to acquire these figures during their original release. Yak Face, which is the rarest of the last seventeen, was only sold in Canada and Europe and was an anomaly to many U.S. collectors for years, but I intend for them to be in my mechaincal hands soon enough.

And the Rest is History

As some of you know, I owned a screen printing and advertising company with my former spouse. That company had been dissolved in the divorce, but the equipment and such has been rolled into a new company, which will be revealed soon.

Most of my time the past several months has been spent with my daughter and I feel the both of us needed a break from the events that began almost a year ago. I feel complete gratitude for having means to take a break and think about next steps. Having so much quality time with her has been beyond awesome, but it is now time to get back to work. So, without further adieu, To the Batcave!

Oh, by the way, can someone call the Batmobile Parachute Pick Up Service for me? I've got collecting to do.

About the author: John Sholtz is an avid toy collector and the interim editor of the Batcave Toy Room due to the abrupt death of Bruce Wayne. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter at, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.


  1. Fantastic you were able to wind up on your feet. I had one divorce in my life and it was rather easy. We were two dumb kids but at least we didn't have property or a business between us. Cost me nothing. Thank goodness. I couldn't imagine having a kid go through that as well. Peace to you my friend! I have done what you are doing now. Foregoing all new stuff. Even the REALLY cool figsinc and Reaction stuff. I have not scratched my old toy itch well enough yet.

  2. Am glad you are rebounding back good sir. : )


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