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Toys of Future Past: Toy Archive - Vintage Star Wars Yak Face Action Figure

Yak Face was the Last figure produced by Kenner
Known to be the last action figure produced by Kenner by collectors and falling under the moniker known as The Last Seventeen, which encompasses the final wave of the vintage Star Wars line, Yak Face is considered to be as rare or rarer than the Blue Snaggletooth and the vinyl caped Jawa action figures.

Even though this action figure is considered to be one of the five rarest, I had no problem scoring one off of eBay. New batches of Yak Faces are posted weekly. So, if you are looking to add one to your collection, you should be able to easily do so, but be warned. Prices for a loose Yak Face with weapon accessory in good condition can run you anywhere from $230 - $ 300 as of this writing. Even with that price tag, Yak Face continues to be a well sought after Star Wars collectible, which warrants its higher than average prices. Whew! Imagine what a mint on card version runs.

Speaking of mint on card. This figure is the only figure from the entire Kenner Star Wars vintage line to be carded on a Canadian Power of The Force Card.  Even though the figure was produced on a Canadian Card there apparently is no proof that it was ever sold in Canada. It was also produced for European markets on Tri-logo cards. Interestingly, it was never sold domestically in the United States, which helps add to the rarity.

Many vintage Star Wars action figures have minor variations, whether it be the size of Han Solo's head or the color of Luke Skywalker's hair, but the vintage Yak Face action figure has no known major variations. The figure typically came with a Skiff Guard Battle Staff , but the Tri-logo version can be found with anything from Palace Blasters, Bespin Blasters, or no weapon or accessory at all.

Like many collectors it would be years before I would find out about this figures existence. However, I couldn't be more pleased to now have it as part of my collection and to be one of the first figures I went for to complete my loose vintage figures. My motto with collecting is now, "Go big, Or go home!"

With that said, does anyone have a carded version for sale?


  (Return of the Jedi)

Date Stamp: 1985

Release Date: 1985

Carded Availability:
  Power of the Force

Assortment No. : 93840

Retail: $2.99

Weapons and Accessories:

  • Skiff Guard Battle Staff (POTF version only)
  • None or various (Tri-logo version only) 

  • (via Rebelscum)

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