Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Calling all Superheroes! The Children's Discovery Museum Recuits For Superheroes Day

Rocket Raccoon stand tall during Superheroes Day 

Have you ever wondered what sort of superhero you would be if the opportunity was given to you?
Could it be Solar Power? Can you whip up tornados? Could you travel back to the prehistoric times? What better place to decode your inner hidden powers than the children's discovery museum! On August 1st The Children's Discovery Museum gave the Las Vegas community the opportunity to test out their abilities and brains for Superheroes Day!

Within the vibrant lively chambers of the Children's Discovery Museum was an ocean of superheroes of all ages. In every direction symbols of justice were proudly displayed.  There was no doubt that calendars were marked all across the city for this convention for aspiring geeks.

Arts and Crafts were endless as The Children's Discovery Museum held activity booths scattered around the floors. True identities could be safely concealed behind masks. Costumes were geared up with utility wrist bands. My eyes took in hundreds of unique superheroes this universe has yet to know. Some of my favorites had to be the colorful Marvel tutus and a cape with "MOM" in Superman's notorious S-Shield.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cosplayers Beam Down at Day 2 of the Las Vegas Star Trek Con 2015

The Official Star Trek Convention for 2015 took place in Las Vegas this weekend with its usual slew of Cosplayers bringing out their arsenals of creativity and ingenuity. Here's a look at what we saw on Day 2.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Toy Review: Mattel - Batman Classic TV Series To The Batcave! Batman Action Figure And Accessories

To the Batcave! Batman action figure and accessories
Holy Catastrophe Batman!

Just to be clear off the "Bat", the above caption is from the packaging of Mattel's latest Batman action figure and does not have direct correlation with my opinion of this toy. Or maybe it does. So, with out further adieu, To The Batcave!

Well, not really the Batcave, but another revamped version of Mattel's original Classic TV Series Batman action figure. It appears to basically be a  repackaged Batman figure, which includes an interchangeable Adam West sculpted Bruce Wayne head, and is consistent with Mattel's typical style of repurposing it's figures.
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