Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random Toy Pic From The Batcave Toy Room Archive # 22

Ideal Hulk Smash-Up Board Game

Hulk, Smash!


  1. Greatness- always loved that Mego Hulk- had a 12" one also that had a torn lab coat!

  2. Very neat! And i also want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving John. : )

  3. Colin - We'll have to take a closer look at that Mego Hulk in background in a future post. I never had the 12" inch Hulk, but I always thought it was a better version because it came with that lab coat.

  4. Jboy- Thank you. Same to you and your family.

  5. That is pretty nifty! :)
    I have a Mego Hulk...but mine is loose. The cards always look so awesome. They make the figures really pop if your a MOC collector. ^_^

  6. Big Daddy Darth - Welcome to The Batcave Toy Room! I love carded and boxed Mego figures. Or any carded figures for that matter. You are so right. Carded figures look great.


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