Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy, Far, Far, Away side of The Batcave Toy Room

Here's a look at one of the Star Wars walls from The Batcave Toy Room. This wall is soon to be expanded and re-organized as part of my purging project. I am going to add more shelves and bring in my boxed Star Wars toys that are currently in storage bins. Time to air those babies out. Currently it is all loose toys as you can see. Oh, those are my Jedi field boots on the floor on the left for my Jedi costume BTW. Most comfortable foot wear I own.

The hard part is going to be re-organzing my posters. Those bad boys take up a lot of wall space. I don't have all of my posters framed, but like my toy collection, I have an extensive movie poster collection too. If I am going to build the World's Greatest Toy Collection, I think am going to need a barn like Star Wars Collector Steve Sansweet has to house everything. Especially my posters. I could wall paper my house with them.

You can see my Death Star Playset and X-Wing Fighter, which are both, like the toy room, going under refurbishment. I need to find the foot pegs that belong to my Cloud City playset too. Hopefully, I come across them going through the storage bins. I have already written posts on my Slave I and Creature Cantina playset. Anything else anyone would like to see up close?


  1. Sweet looking wall John! And i would love to see more on your Death Star playset that was one i always wanted as a kid.

  2. All you need is a lightsaber and your circle will be complete. :P

  3. Greatness! Get up inside that DeathStar playset for us, Man. I HAD one of those as a kid :)

  4. JBoy- Thank you! Cool. I will definitely put the Death Star playset on the list.

  5. LEon- Actually, the circle is complete. I have a couple of different style lightsaber's that are behind me while I was taking that pic. I'll have to do some posts about them.

  6. Colin- Jboy has the same request. So, I will definitely need to do a post about the Death Star. It needs some work, So I will probably do a post about it's restoration. What happened to your Death Star?


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