Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Patterns for 1966 TV Series Batman and Robin on Sale at Williams Studio 2

Williams Studio 2 is having a huge sale on their patterns for the Dynamic Duo's capes and cowls! Normally, a $74.99 value, the patterns are on sale for $34.99 each.

Those of you who follow my Quest For a Cowl series already know I am assembling an Adam West Batman costume. I already have my Batman cowl, made by fellow Bat-Fan Will Reeb, and have locked down my utility belt, gloves, body suit, and boots, but I will now have a way to get my trunks and cape made in the same fashion designed by Jan Kemp 46 years ago.

Costume designer Lynne Williams and her hubby, fellow Bat-Fan, Chuck Williams, have painstakingly researched the original costumes for the series and have revealed exactly how to make an exact replica of Adam West's and Burt Ward's iconic crime fighting gear.

For those of you who don't know, Lynne and Chuck are well known among Fans of the 1966 TV series as well as, Bat-Fans in general and Cosplayers for their costume designs and attention to detail.

Whether you are looking to have a Bat-Suit of your very own or just would like to add the costume designs to your collection, now is the time to do it. You can buy yours at
Williams Studio 2 or at Lynne's Etsy shop. While you are there check out Lynne's awesome Wonder Woman Replica costume, just like the one worn by Lynda Carter. Gosh, I would love to have that displayed in The Batcave Toy Room.


  1. I won't mind having Wonder Woman on board at the Cosmic Ark either....Woof! : D

  2. Was hot for Lynda Carter in the 70's, still am- Rawrr! Hey, looking forward to the completion of this outfit, Man!


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