Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Quest for a Cowl: The Quest is Over, Sort of...

Well, here it is gang. My Adam West Batman TV Series Cowl. I recently received this masterpiece from fellow Batman Fan, Will Reeb, who hand made this piece of the Caped Crime Fighters head gear for me.

My quest was more than just for a Batman Cowl, but for a complete replica of the costume worn by actor Adam West on the Batman TV series. So, the cowl part is over and I will start to work on the rest of the components necessary to complete the bat-suit.

I want to throw a shout out to Will for making my cowl, man where were you when I was five? As well as fellow Batman cosplayers, Scott Sebring, John Whitt, Darren Nemeth, Lynne and Chuck Williams and everyone else from the 1966 Batman Message Board for pointing me in the right direction. Thanks gang.

Next up my 1966 Batman utility belt.


  1. Just amazing John! I imagine Cowl and Belt will be the hardest pieces to put together.

  2. JBoy- Thanks, I am very happy with how it turned out. Even though the cowl, utitlity belt, and boots are the more expensive pieces, they are easy to get once you know where to find them. The cape and trunks are the hardest pieces to put together.

  3. Who do you have making the cape and trunks? And where does one get a Utitlity belt?

  4. JBoy- You can get the belt by clicking the link "1966 Batman utilty belt" at the end of the post. It will take you to CY Productions. Clint Young has played Batman for years touring with the original Batmobile and has lots of screen accurate props that are super cool. I am getting the original patterns of Adam West's costume from Williams Studio 2. Lynne Williams, has referred me to the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers so I can find a tailor in my area.


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