Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Week of Purging, This Time Batman Toys and Collectibles

This weeks purging includes tons of Batman toys and collectibles as the cleaning up of my toy collection continues and it is going way better than I thought it would. Considering I have never sold anything on eBay before. I have bought tons of toys on the world's biggest auction site, but never sold anything. I guess mainly because I never thought I would part with any of my toys.

This week has lots of items from Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes toy line. Most of this parts lot is of toys that are what's left of toys I had intended to restore, but just never got around to doing so or could never find what I needed to do so. I figure it's better to just sell the parts and just pick up a complete specimen.

Mego's Mobile Bat lab is almost as rare as my Batman's Wayne Foundation Building, so finding a complete version of this Mego created Batman vehicle is going to cost me a few bucks, but I look forward to the hunt.

You can also see my Remco Energized Superman and Batman. I saw some dead mint specimens on eBay a couple weeks ago for both of these and bid on both, but lost the bids. These both went for an average of $200. So trying to pick up these guys is really going to cut into my budget. I think I am going to concentrate on some other restoring projects and picking up some less expensive items to fill some gaps, which all of that has begun and I will be sharing my finds soon.

If anyone is interested in picking up this Batman parts lot, you can place a bid HERE.


  1. You have the best stuff John and it is no surprise that all of it is selling so well. : )


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