Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Batman's Wayne Foundation Playset By Mego 1977-1979

Batman's Wayne Foundation, the creme de la creme with a show with everything but Yul Brynner. Here is a look at another one of my Batcave playsets. This playset is considered the grand-daddy of them all amongst toy collectors. Mego's Wayne Foundation is very much in comparison to Kenner's Death Star playset simply for the sure size of that thing. Standing 4 feet tall fully assembled this sucker is huge.

Mego's toy catalog described it as four floors of fantastic, crime fighting fun! Over 40" tall, this power packed playset is perfect for use with Mego's Batman heroes and villains.

The Dynamic Duo will love to hop into the kid-powered moving elevator...

Dash to the computer console...Very cool that the Batcomputer predicted that there would eventually be a Green Lantern action figure. (Only took about 30 years)

Plan terrific crime busting adventures...

Complete with furniture, trophy case, and book case with secret compartment.

Only Batman could have designed it. Actually DC Comics designed it for Mego and although it is dubbed the Wayne Foundation, it is basically four floors of all the different areas of the Batcave. In the comics, the Wayne Foundation Building had a Batcave underneath the building, which Batman moved his headquarters there after Robin went to college.

Check out the commercial below before some final product changes, which obviously came afterward. The computer console and chairs were silver rather than blue, and the other furniture had silver trim as well. Giving those items a more metallic look than just blue plastic. There is also what looks to me as clear plastic piece that goes over what I have always referred too as a desk, but to me it appears as it was meant as an actual trophy case.

You can check out the cool proto-type at The Mego Museum HERE.


  1. It is really cool, but the darn thing is huge. If it fell over, it could kill someone. ;-)

  2. Holy smoke! This is a vintage with great condition!

  3. Now THAT'S a dollhouse!

    Were it not for Star Wars taking total control of my young mind (and my young parents' dollars,) I'd have been playing with this stuff as a kid.

  4. Leon- Yeah, it's great to find vintage items in great shape. I take really good care of my toys and if they are in rough shape I clean them up and make them like new again.

  5. Bubbashelby- Yes, this is the king of all dollhouses.

    I was bitten by the Star Wars bug shortly after I received this, but now both Super Heroes and Star Wars rule my world.

  6. Holy back-up secret hide-out Batman!


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