Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly Toy Blog Roundup: Childhood Memories, Inspiring Others, and G.I. Joe

Sorry for being a day late with the Weekly Toy Blog Roundup. As you know, I usually do these on Fridays, but the week has flown by and I have been working super hard this week, so I can take a nice long weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with my family and friend. Don't worry though. Next week The Batcave Toy Room will still have it's normal routine of postings. The purging is still going strong and I have been taking some of the profits from the sales and picking up new acquisitions, which I will be sharing as soon as they start coming in. The G.I. Joe parts lot sale ends on Sunday. If any interested, check it out HERE. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  1. Batstuff # 18 @ 1966 My Favorite Year
  2. Jason of Star Command (Arthur H. Nadel, 1978-81) @ Adventures In Nerdliness
  3. DC Universe Animated Movies @ Action Toy Review
  4. #131: DC Minimates - Batwoman (modern) and The Question (modern) @ A Year of Toys
  5. Star Wars Action Figures @ Invader From The Cosmic Ark
  6. Catwoman Bend'n Flex figure @ DC Comics Fortress of Memorabilia
  7. More of the Marvel Universe Avengers Box Set! @ Super-Duper Toybox
  8. G.I. Joe Colorforms! @ Hey! Look At My Toys !
  9. Custom Santa Yoda @ I See, I Like, I Buy & I Might Blog When i Feel Like It...
  10. Where the Heck Has Shag Been?!?! @ Once Upon a Geek


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