Sunday, September 11, 2011

Star Trek: First Contact Strafleet Travel Set by Cosrich 1998

Not necessarily a toy set, but a Star Trek Collectible nonetheless. I think this Starfleet Travel Set was given to me as gift for a birthday or Christmas, not sure which. In a way, this is very reminiscent of the vintage Star Wars soap series.

The travel set came complete with the ever fragrant Captain's Cologne, soap, and wallet. If  that Captain's Cologne is standard Starfleet issue I am sure that's how Kirk and Picard got the ladies.

The back of the package says it all: Be prepared to face the unexpected with the Starfleet Travel Set. This set is an essential part of anyone's Starfleet Gear-Cadet or Captain. You will fear nothing on your next intergalactic adventure with your new Starfleet Travel Set from Cosrich. These products have been safety tested and are non-toxic.

Why do I feel like taking a bath?

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