Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage Klingon Action Figure by Mego 1975-1977, 1979

Klingon's are not only the Federation of Planets number one nemesis, but Captain Kirks as well. It's no wonder why Mego added the Klingon to it's highly detailed Star Trek 8" action figure line.

Due to budget constraints Klingons from the Star Trek TV series were not as detailed make up wise as they would later be seen in the Star Trek movies and future TV series in the franchise. This sculpt was most likely based on Captain Koloth, who appeared in the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles."

Klingon came in a Maroon leather tunic and brown body suit. The same federation style phaser and communicator like the other figures in the line complete the figure, but molded in Klingon red instead of blue.

Above is the back of the blister card for this figure and is also seen on the back of Vintage Mego Captain Kirk, Vintage Mego Mr. Spock and all other figures in the line. You can see the bridge of the Enterprise playset and a pair of communicator walkie talkies.  I picked up this figure in the late 80's at what was at the time my favorite comic and vintage toy store, Triple J's. The owner, Joseph John Jones, was the coolest guy and had an awesome shop full of vintage toys. He actually had 3 stores at the time of his passing from a fatal heart attack. He was only in his early 40's. Here's to an amazing guy and his dream come true store. I still remember a kid walking out of the store saying, "This place is a rip-off." Forgive him as he knew not the price of childhood memories. Bet you wish you bought that vintage Batmobile you wanted back then, don't you kid?


  1. I have never really seen a Mego Klingon and he looks fantastic.

  2. JBoy- Doesn't he. I really think Mego did justice to this series of action figures.


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