Monday, September 12, 2011

Classsic Star Trek Classic Phaser: Starfleet Standard Issue Sidearm by Playmates 1994

There's one. Set for stun! Oh, Wait. That's Star Wars. We're still on Star Trek week here. Although, with the release of the Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray we could do Star Wars week. Hmmmmm. Maybe next week. In the meantime, here's a look at the Playmates Classic Phaser.

For a toy, this thing could give any actual prop or replica a run for it's money. Playmates did an awesome job of recreating Starfleet's sidearms. This Phaser's features were:
  • Light Up, Adjustable Beam Emitter!
  • Two Classic Phaser Sounds: Stun & Higher Setting (They meant kill, must have been a misprint)!
  • Certificate of Authenticity!
  • Bonus: Technical Blueprint Included! 

The Classic Phaser configuration consists of Type I Phaser interlocked with a Type II Phaser body. The two Phasers combine to create a powerful defensive weapon with minimal phase degradation. The Classic Phaser was standard issue to all officers in Starfleet. Designed around Federation's policy of creating weapons for defensive purposes, the Classic Phaser is a prime example of early Starfleet innovation. The Classic Phaser's simple yet highly effective design made it one of the most reliable weapons of its time. Highly powerful with adjustable settings, the Classic Phaser was the paradigm for early portable defensive side arms.


  1. Damn... now I regret not picking this up :(

  2. One of my friends as a kid had the Lazer Tag/Photon style Star Trek guns and they were based of the movie ones i think(ST the Motion Picture)they were great fun.

  3. Comicbaby- If you ever have the chance again, you definitley need to get one.


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