Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cool Super Hero Birthday Cakes

I will be celebrating my 40th birthday this year and I have been talking to my wife about having one hell of a birthday bash.

My nephew, who is a couple of years younger than me, had a kick ass super hero costume birthday party last year that they called the Super Hero Summit.

I intend to have full blown cosplay party. My wife asked my what I thought we should do for a cake. So I started hunting around for some ideas. Here's what I found.

Most of these cakes were done by LovieCakes.com and CakeCentral.com. Let me know which one you like. If you have any ideas or can send a pic feel free to do so.

I wonder what it would cost to have Adam West be guest at the party. Anyone got the number to his agent?

For more Super Hero stuff check us out.

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