Friday, January 1, 2010

My First Mego: Removable Cowl Batman

Since it's January 1 st I thought we would look at what I think was my first Mego action figure. I have been a Batman Fan for as long as I can remember. The family joke is "Batman" was my first word. I don't remember exactly how I became a Batman Fan or how I began my interest in Mego World's Greatest Super Heroes action figures or how I began watching the TV Series starring Adam West, but it's kind of like what came first, the chicken or the egg? Because really I don't know what came first. I don't know if the love of the TV show lead to the love of toys or vice versa.

By far, my favorite Mego action figure is the removable cowl Batman. My earliest memory of receiving this fantastic toy is that my Dad had brought it home after work one day. I was about three years old, but I don't remember if I wanted it or my Dad saw it and thought I might like. But either way it's my pride and joy.

The removable cowl is the first version of the toy released by Mego. Later Mego would change it to a painted version (something they would do for the Robin figure as well first). Originally, the mask could be removed to reveal Bruce Wayne underneath. These figures are known as the "Removable Cowl" or "RC" Batman figures among collectors. Mego only produced these version from 1972 to 1973. You can see the removable mask Robin as well below.

During the early release of the cloth costumed comic characters, Mego figures had body suits that had stirrups. As you can see below I have an early stirrup version suit. Stirrup suits also have what is known as "skinny boots" I don't know what became with the skinny boots for this figure. Mine just have the normal boots found on all later versions of the figures.

The Mego version of the Dark Knight was the most popular of all World Greatest Super Hero characters. It sold from the very beginning to the end of line when Mego went out of business. The Batman characters also had the most accessories, such as the Batmobile (seen below).

Hopefully without bias, since Batman is my favorite comic book character,the removable cowl Batman is one the favorite parts of my collection.

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