Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mint Fresh Case of Mego Action Figures Found

Sorry gang, but not actually a mint fresh case of Mego's. Here's a look at my repro World's Greatest Super Heroes display case. The Mego figures were shipped to retailers in these cases to serve as display cases while on the store shelf. Once the cases were empty they were just tossed out with the rest of the trash. What were they thinking?

This was also before blister cards became all the rage as you can see my case is filled window boxed Super Heroes.

How delicious would it be to find a box of these guys in a warehouse or a basement somewhere? Brand new and never opened- Removable Mask Robin, Superman, Aquaman, Removable Cowl Batman. Oh to dream the impossible dream.

The images that Mego chose for each of the characters came directly from the comics and still gets my heart pounding whenever I see them. The images are still burnt in my memory from trips to Toys R Us and these guys up on the shelf. Whenever I see those images aside from Mego boxes I immediately relate them to the World's Greatest Toys.

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