Sunday, January 24, 2010

Batman TV Series Props: Batarang and Bat-Communicator

I had picked up these two prop replicas at a Star Trek convention about twenty years ago. I thought it was too cool to have picked these up. I also picked up the Green Hornets mask at the same time, which I will share in another post.

CY Productions produces awesome Batman TV Series props. Everything from Batarangs to utility belts. I may have even bought these from Clint Young, who owns CY Productions, but I don't remember.

My Batarang and Bat-Communicator came as kits and had to be assembled and painted. I never really finished them. You can see below the hinges were never painted and has some scratches that need to be touched up.

The Bat-Communicator does not have the electronics hooked up and is missing the brass balls for the antennas. Confound it, the batteries are dead!

Here is a closer look with the antennae down. It wouldn't take much to get these in tip top shape, but I do need to put aside the time to work on them.

CY Productions sells both of these fully assembled and ready for action. Clint's new versions of the Batarangs are no painted. The plastic is molded in the correct color and comes in blue (like the TV series) or in black. So there is worry about scratching it. In case you didn't know Cy Productions produced the majority of replica's for the Batman reunion movie "Return to the Batcave."

For more Batman Props check us out.

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