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Toy Review: Mattel 1966 Batman and Robin 2 Pack

Mattel 1966 Batman and Robin action figure 2-pack
I have been waiting my whole life for these action figures to be released.

Actually, I think most Batman Fans and Toy Collectors have been. I like to think of these figures as vintage and have been lost since 1966 only to be found 47 years later.

There are many more Batman TV series figures rolling out this August, but first up is this Batman Classics 1966 TV Moments Action Figure 2-Pack, which includes both Batman and Robin.

Mattel '66 Batman and Robin action figures full view
Holy Human Flies!

Mattel's first release of the 1966 TV series figures captures the Dynamic Duos iconic wall climb, which occurred in pretty much all of the series 120 episode run. The famous Bat-Climb first appeared in the pilot episode "Hi Diddle Riddle" and continued throughout the shows three season run.

During the first season comedian Jerry Lewis made a surprise cameo by popping out of a window while the Caped Crusaders scaled a building in the episode "The Bookworm Turns." This celebrity cameo, which only occurred once in season one, became routine during the second season.

The shows popularity had Hollywood's finest clamoring for a guest villain role. However, with plenty of talent willing to have their faces covered in make-up and heads covered in fright wigs, but not enough villains to give the parts to, the cameo window appearances were a fun way for stars to have a chance to appear as themselves on the show.

I want a Bat-Deal

With Barbies to Batmobiles coming out this year based on the TV series I am making sure my Bat-Dollars are stretching as far as they can. Remember Robin, Always budget when toy collecting. It's the best way to stay out of trouble.

Most retailers are selling the 2-pack for $32.99 and I was waiting to see if Target or Toy R Us would beat that price, but when I found them on Amazon for $29.99 I jumped on making the purchase. Plus if the price happened to go lower before it shipped I'd still get the better price. If anyone has found them at a lower price please let us know.

Batman and Robin 2-pack from Mattel side panels reminiscent of the TV series opening credits  
I am as happy as the giant clam that ate Robin

Overall I am ecstatic with how these two action figures turned out. Here's my review and the Pro's and Con's of these figures:

  1. The packaging looks great and the art work captures the feel of the opening credits of the TV series. With Batman and Robin running towards the TV screen on each side of the box. The back is reminiscent to their hand shake after knocking out a few thugs just before Batman morphs into the series Batman logo.
  2. The sculpts of the figures are instantly identifiable as Adam West and Burt Ward, which Mattel did a great job on, and costumes are very accurate recreations of the originals.
  3. Batman comes with a little blue batarang, which I thought was a nice touch. 
  1. The capes are cool for their ability to stay taunt to simulate gravity for a wall climb, but they have plastic tags (similar to the tags that hold price tags on clothing you would buy for yourself) that hold the capes in place while displayed in the box. I wasn't able to get  a good shot of this, but those tags are most likely going to leave holes in the capes once removed. Also, there are tags that state the wires in the cape are plastic coated and from the looks of it are sowed onto the capes. They are a distraction if you are going to display your figures out of the box and would need to be cutoff. A simple insert in the box explaining the mechanism would have sufficed.
  2. The batarang was a great addition, but I do wish Robin came with one as well or that future Batman's had them as well so I could give one to Robin. I also wish the batarang had a hole in it for the bat-rope. It would be awesome if it folded and could be put in Batman's utility belt, but hey, it's Mattel, I'm pushing it with that request.
  3. The windows on the faux building open, but there isn't room to put a figure in there. It would have been the Catwoman's meow if an action figure could be put in the window to say "Hi" to the Dynamic Duo.
From the rear of the package:

Don't be alarmed, good citizen, they're here on official business! Batman and Robin limber-up with a climb while on the hunt for Gotham City's fiendish villains. Carefully ascending the building, as one must never sacrifice safety for speed, the Dynamic Duo encounters the most fascinating people. You never know who might pop out the window to say hello!
Mattel's Batman and Robin packaging rear panel is straight out of the TV series opening credits
I am overjoyed that finally there are action figures based on the show that helped mold me into the Batman Fan I am today. These figures are not perfect (I really wish Mattel would have hired me to help design this line), but I am very pleased with the way they turned out.

There are plenty more Batman 1966 action figure goodies to come Bat-Fans. Has any else bought any of the 1966 Batman Toys? Tell us what you think of the new toys.

Up next...Batmobiles, Barbies, and the Batusi, oh my!

About the author: John Sholtz is an avid toy collector and the interim editor of the Batcave Toy Room due to the abrupt death of Bruce Wayne. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter at, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.


  1. This is going to be a great month for Batman collectors and it's nice to "collect" vicariously through your blog.

    I'm looking forward to reading your reviews as packages arrive at The Batcave Toy Room!

    1. It sure is Corey. I've been waiting for this ever since the licensing agreement was established. Hang on old chum. Plenty more where this came from.

  2. Was looking to see if these were out in my area but no such luck just yet.

    1. I generally prefer to buy collectibles in person rather than order them Online John Boy, but I can't find them in any stores yet either.

  3. Nice! Would be hard to resist if I saw them...!

    1. It is useless to resist. Just be like Nike and just do it!

  4. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. If I don't find any in stores this weekend, I will be ordering this through Amazon.

    1. I couldn't wait for any of the Batman TV series toys to show in stores. I ordered everything Online. Good luck with you hunt Mike.

  5. If you haven't already read about it (and if you haven't, where have you been?), Mattel has cancelled this figure series. they don't have any plans to produce any figures of other characters from the show. which means, no Batgirl, etc. so, keep on customizing...

  6. I have the bat mobile but not the action figures. I'M wondering were to find the bat cave. I guess I'll have to try toys r us.


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