Monday, November 14, 2011

I am Here to Put You Back on Schedule!

Lord Vader says, "Get this playset completed already!" Before I force choke you. I had a lot of readers ask to get a look at my Vintage Kenner Death Star playset as well as, tell me they always wanted it as kid, but never had a chance to get one. Well, believe it or not, I am no different.

The mast majority of my Vintage Star Wars Collection is composed of the toys I had as a kid. When I began collecting these toys from a galaxy far, far, away in the fall of 1980, my collection had grown leaps and bounds from September to December and just about had everything from the Star Wars 3 3/4 inch related Star Wars and first wave of The Empire Strikes Back toys, but a couple of items from the original line escaped my grasp. One of those was the Death Star Space Station Playset.

As the second wave of toys from Empire came out, which brought us such toy awesomeness such as the AT-AT, it also pulled the plug on the majority of the original lines toys with some exceptions as the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Fighter, but we lost great playsets like the Death Star and the Creature Cantina. Like my fellow toy bloggers, I was disappointed to never received this gem of a playset.

Through various part lot purchases on eBay I have been able to construct an almost complete playset. I just need a few more parts to do so.

I need the swing rope. How is Luke supposed to save the princess without this thing?

I need the tractor beam ledge. That old man needs get that tractor beam out of commission.

I also need to get a hold of some repro or original decals, whichever comes first.

So, I hope that suppresses your appetite for a little while gang. Soon as I can dig up those parts, We'll take a detailed look at this armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures of this John you made my day. : )

  2. Jboy- My pleasure sir. Soon as I finish putting it together we'll take a closer look.

  3. Oh man... so jealous! I always wanted one of these when I was a kid. But larger expensive playsets just never seemed to make it under my Christmas tree as a kid. I did eventually make my own Death Star playet out of old shoeboxes, though!

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Reis - That's what everyone keeps telling me. I feel like the spoiled rich kid or something. The Death Star was the one thing missing from my Star Wars collection as I kid and had made my own makeshift playset too. I started to order the last of the parts I need to finish this baby. Soon as it's done, I'll show more. Stay tuned.

  5. I had one of these as a child.... I still own it... wait around ..It wond be many years till I die ...and my Sister will be trying to sell the things that I once owned..
    My death Star Playset still has all of the stickers...and the plastic of which it is molded is more grey in color...it did not come with "white" pieces... great images... thanks for sharing...

    1. Productions changes and even age can cause color differences. Glad you enjoyed it.


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