Sunday, November 13, 2011

G.I. Joe: Purging a Real American Hero

Since it was Veteran's Day Weekend, I decided to continue the toy room purging with some of my vintage G.I. Joe toys from 1982-1984. As you know I am primarily a Batman or Super Hero and Star Wars toy collector.

All of these figures are broken at the waste, but would make a great battle diorama. The Battle Armor S.N.A.K.E. is in great shape however and comes with the box and instructions.

The G.I. Joe gang tore up that Cobra F.A.N.G. Probably shot it out of the sky with F.L.A.K. attack cannon or the Missile Defense Unit.

The V.A.M.P. and Polar Battle Bear are ready for action. Also, included are the tail gate hood and steering wheel from the vintage 12 inch G.I. Joe series JEEP. They were painted black to be converted to a Bat-Jeep. The Bat-Jeep was sweet at one time. The rest is all but long gone.

If anyone is interested in picking up this G.I. Joe parts lot, you can pick it up on eBay HERE.


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