Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage Star Wars Creature Cantina from Kenner 1979-1980

The Star Wars Creature Cantina playset was either the first or second playset that was added to my toy collection. It's a toss up between the Cantina and the Imperial Attack Base. I don't remember which one came first. Although I do remember that both were bought with money I had received for my birthday that year.

May I have some blue milk please? 

The Kennner Star Wars toy catalogue insert describes the Creature Cantina as:

Recreate exciting action from the weird cantina scene. Find adventure by pushing the floor button to swing open the Cantina door so the STORMTROOPER can enter. Move the action lever and BEN KENOBI defends LUKE SKYWALKER against SNAGGLETOOTH. Move another action lever and HAN SOLO knocks over GREEDO in mock battle. Use the floor pegs around the bar to pose your action figures.

If anyone asks, I shot first.

Love how the catalogue description says Han Solo "knocks over" instead of "knocks off." Remember the days when Han Solo shot first?

Like most of Kenner's Star Wars playsets this one is pretty basic. It has a plastic base with action levers for added play and a cardboard background. The coolest feature is the swinging doors that are rubberband propelled by pushing a button in the base.

Check out the toy commercial for the Creature Cantina below:

(via 12back.com)


  1. Yes, definitely on of the classics.

  2. Classic! Now you need two vintage Stormtroopers to go around that to look for the Droids.

  3. I used to want this set and the Deathstar as a kid.

  4. JBoy- You can always fulfill your wish as an adult. Relive your childhood. That's my message. I'll have to post my Death Star playset for you.

  5. This is one set I wished for as a kid as well. Ended up making my own Cantina out of a shoe box. Is it weird we were playing with Bar Playsets as kids?

  6. Chunky B- I never thought about it that way before, but I guess the Death Star could be considered as a weapon of mass destruction too. It's amazing we turned out to be perfectly ordinary citizens.


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