Thursday, October 13, 2011

McFarlane Toys Debuting The Walking Dead Action Figures at NYCC!

Not only is my favorite TV series right now, The Walking Dead, premiering its second season on Sunday October 16, but McFarlane Toys is debuting the action figures based on the series at the New York Comic-Con the same weekend October 13-16.

I am not one to usually stray from my usual Star Wars, Batman and Super Hero toys, but I may have to do that when these awesome figures come out. Boy do these guys look sweet! The first four released will by Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Zombie Biter, and Zombie Walker.

Rick Grimes

Daryl Dixon

Zombie Biter

Zombie Walker
These figures are sculpted using 3-D scans of the actual actors from the series. The figures will debut in limited sets for $60 at the NYCC and then be officially released in November. I can't wait. How about everyone else? Any interest?

(via AMC)

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