Thursday, September 15, 2011

25th Anniversary Star Trek Tribbles by Starstruck 1991

I thought I would end the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek Week here at The Batcave Toy Room with an item I picked up at a Star Trek convention back in 1991. These little buggers appeared in the original series episode 'The Trouble with Tribbles'.

Here they come! Those cute furry little creatures have been transported from the future. The original Star Trek Tribbles finally come to Earth to celebrate Star Trek's 25th Silver Anniversary.

Starfleet Command has unanimously approved, due to numerous Earthen requests, the beaming down of Tribbles to our planet. Within the last 23 Earth years, there have been reports of unofficial Tribble sightings. Only genuine Tribbles will possess Starfleet Command certification for passage into Earth's atmosphere.

My Tribble seems hungry. I think I'll get him something to eat.


  1. Tribbles are like Gremlims, but no one told me not to feed the darn thing. ;-)


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