Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Classic Star Trek Classic Science Tricorder by Playmates 1994

If you were in Starfleet back in the days of Captain Kirk, you most like have been issued a Classic Phaser and a Classic Communicator, but if you're in the science or medical division, you are most likely issued a  Classic Tricoder as well.

Although, I feel this version of the Tricoder is molded in a child's size, it, like it's counterparts, is very well done. The Classic Science Tricoder features:
  • Includes Three Classic Tricoder Sounds: Alpha Wave Scanning, Beta Scanning and Warning Alert!
  • Light-up Viewscreen Display!
  • Flashing Tricoder Indicators!
  • One-Size Fits All Shoulder Strap!
  • Bonus: Technical Blueprint Included!

The Classic Science Tricoder was a multipurpose scientific and technical instrument widely used throughout Starfleet, circa 2366. Earlier models of the field device were standard issue for Federation landing parties. Capable of scanning, computing, and recording several million bits of data at a time, the Classic Science Tricoder quickly became an indispensable tool for starship crews. Regarded as the first in a series of Tricoders, the Classic Science Tricoder is highly sought after by technical collectors of all generations.


  1. I should bought one of these when i had the chance dang it!

  2. There is always eBay my friend. Either that or I leave it to you in my will. ;-)


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