Saturday, June 25, 2011

Knight Glider Batman Glider and Triple Strike Robin Kenner 1998

A couple of weeks ago The Super Duper Toy Box posted the awesome score of a Turbo Glider Robin and Robin w/Launching Grappling Hook. So, I thought I would post my counterparts to these awesome action figures. I believe I received these two figures for my 27th birthday from my ex-wife's friend. I am always amazed how so many friends and family members have no idea what to get me for my birthday or holidays. It's easy folks...more toys. Most refer to me as the guy who as everything. That's simply not true. I guarantee there is something out there that I don't have. The world is a giant toy box.

Knight Glider Batman with Jet Wing Pack & Anti-Crime Cam

This Batman is part of The New Batman Adventures series and is molded after the animated TV version. The glider is really cool and as a strip that slides it to reveal different scenes involving Robin.

Notice the BE THE BATMAN CONTEST with a chance to win a $1,000,000. I never entered that contest and the peel and stick entry from is still firmly attached.

Triple Strike Robin with Multi Cannon Slinger

This Robin is part of the Batman & Robin series and one of the action figures created for toys related to the movie of the same name. The slinger comes with 3 different projectiles that resemble grappling hooks to me. Sort of like Batman's Batzooka from the TV series.


  1. oh yeah... that's the good stuff :D i enjoy 90's toys charm- this is odd, because i sat out that decade & the following, no toys/almost no comics. i like the radical reinvention of character's outfits- it's like the good, the bad, & the ugly. the more over-the-top, the more i like it :D


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