Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonder Woman Wears Short, Shorts After All

Rumor has is it the Adrianne Palicki will need to start busting out the Nair because she will donning the classic star spangled blue shorts like Lynda Carter used to wear.

Anxious Wonder Woman fans were appalled at the blue latex leggings Palicki was found wearing in the initial photo release of her new costume. Shortly after, pics were released with a similar style pant, but more of a cotton material opposed to the latex.

NBC president, Robert Greenblatt says, that it was always planned to have Diana Prince maintain various versions of her costume, but I am not buying it. If so, why not mention that after the onslaught of any happy fans? Why now? Supposedly, Palicki will be seen wearing the traditional shorts in her final confirmation with Elizabeth Hurley, who will be the first villain, Veronica Cale.

I guess it's cool Wonder Woman is going to have an expanded wardrobe. Hey, Lynda Carter did. She had a scuba outfit, motorcycle outfit, and don't forget her roller skate outfit. Oh, boy. Can't wait to see the first pics in her new shorts.

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