Saturday, April 2, 2011

Captain Cold: 3rd Wave Retro-Action DC Super Heroes

Unlike my fellow bloggers at Toyriffic and Super Duper Toy Box, who went on a toy buying fast in February, I had actually picked up a few new acquisitions. Mainly, picking up the next three action figures from the 3rd wave of the Retro-Action DC Super Heroes that I needed. I picked up The Flash in January and of course if I have The Flash, I had to have Captain Cold. In reality, I had to have all the figures from the series, but you get the point.
I always loved DC's cold hearted villains Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold. For some reason I had an extreme interest in devilish instant freeze solutions as a kid and would have loved to at least own of the characters as an action figure. Mego had planned to produce a Mr. Freeze action figure as part of The World's Greatest Super Heroes line, but never did. At least now I have a Captain Cold.
Captain Cold is usually best remembered from the The Challenge of The Super Friends, which in the series he was portrayed as having a blue skin tone. However, he has a normal flesh toned skin color and the figure is more accurate to the characters actual comic book appearance.

Captain Cold comes with a removable freeze gun, blue snow suit, and detailed white boots. Mego used to use the same style boots molded in different colors, but Mattel has gone all out and given the characters specific molds to fit each character.

The rear of the blister card has the character depictions of the other characters in the 3rd wave. All in all I think this is one of the most detailed figures Mattel has put together for this the Retro-Action line and hope there is more like this to come.


  1. i was REALLY impressed with this one! like Two-Face, I thought the costume was well done!

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  3. Two-Face is another great one. I think I have the biggest appeal for the characters Mego never produced, but I must say, Mattel has done a great job with this line.


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