Sunday, April 3, 2011

Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman and Cheetah

Here's a look at the remaining characters from the 3rd wave of Mattel's Retro-Action DC Super Heroes. We've already taken a look at The Flash and Captain Cold, but let's take a look at Wonder Woman and Cheetah.

Other than Princess Leia, I have never really owned a female action figure, until now. Even with Mego's original Super-Gals line, which was part of the World's Greatest Super Hero collection, I never owned Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, or Supergirl as a kid and still don't to this day. Not sure why that is other than probably as kid I thought of them as Barbie dolls and I guess I thought of Leia as one of the guys, but after seeing her in her slave girl outfit in Return of the Jedi that concept quickly changed.

First off, Mattel's version of Wonder Woman has a great costume and beats Mego's silk screened version. It is the classic comic book version. Not the current pant version like Adrienne Palicki will be wearing in the new Wonder Woman series.

She comes complete with lasso, bullet proof bracelets. and tiara, again unlike the painted Mego version.Overall, the figure is well done just like the other action figures in the line and has many improvements over the original.

I love the fact that Mattel has made a counterpart arch villain for each super hero in the line. Unlike, Mego, who primarily produced Batman or Spiderman villains (no complaints here), but they needed to produce more Super Foes to go with the heroes they sold. Cheetah is the purrrrfect arch nemesis to go along with Wonder Woman.

Cheetah is much like Batman's arch nemesis Catwoman and probably best remember for being  a member of the Legion of Doom on The Superfriends. Actually, Hanna Barbera, wanted Catwoman and The Joker to be members of the Legion, but weren't granted licensing by DC because of the characters appearing on New Adventures of Batman cartoon. Likewise, The Riddler and Scarecrow were not able to appear on the New Adventures of Batman. The Riddler can be seen in the opening credits, but with a pink outfit on, which makes me think they had intended for him to be on the show, but couldn't due to his Legion of Doom stint, But back to Cheetah.

Cheetah shares the same body mold as Wonder Woman and wears her traditional cheetah catsuit. The figure is pretty simplistic and does not have any accessories.

Kudos to Mattel on another wave of Retro-Action Dc Super Heroes well done. Looking forward to wave 4.


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    1. That's funny. I know a guy who has at least one of these "dollies." What was his name? Oh, that's right, it's Eric Stettmeier.


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