Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a Girl! Robin Rumored to be in The Dark Knight Rises

There is talk of director Christopher Nolan looking for another Gotham Girl. That girl is rumored to be Juno Temple and also rumored to be Robin, The Boy...I mean, Girl Wonder.

With Nolan already stating that Robin would not appear in any of the Batman films he directors this is definitely a rumor. At least the part of Temple playing Robin. But hey, I think a girl Robin could be hot.

(via Variety and Slashfilm)


  1. If she were to play any of the batfamily, it makes more sense that she would play Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) since the character was in TDK (but (intentionally) the actress who played her's face was always obscured, so they could re-cast with anyone they wished later on.)

  2. I think that is totally pausible as Nolan has stated that Robin would not appear in any of his films and Christian Bale has stated he would leave the series if Robin was ever introduced. However, casting Juno Temple would mean The Dark Knight Rises would take place several years after The Dark Knight since the actress who played Barbara was considerably younger. It should be interesting and we should know more soon since filming starts before you know it.

  3. Well Jim Jr. was an infant in Batman Begins, and he was ten or so in TDK, so anything is possible ;)


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