Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mego Alter Ego Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson Action Figures

Who are Batman and Robin behind those masks of theirs? Why millionaire Bruce Wayne and his youthful ward Dick Grayson of course. In 1974 Mego revealed just that with their action figure versions of their alter ego's.

In 1974 Montgomery Ward sold these secret identities figures exclusively in a two pack set and for Christmas that year I got them as present from my aunt.

I remember them being the coolest thing since I had never seen them before. I
remember getting a Penguin figure too. My cousin received a Penguin as well, but no Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. I was the lucky one and he was so jealous.

Sadly my outfits for these two were thrown away one day when my dad went on a clearing my "junk" spree. That day landed a lot of treasure buried in the Las Vegas desert.

The only thing that survived were their heads, which the Dick Grayson head was used to create my Removable Mask Robin. The Bruce Wayne head remains body less.

My current alter ego figures are not the aforementioned figures I received for Christmas. The Dick Grayson action figure was picked up on Ebay a few years ago, while the Bruce Wayne is a complete repro version from Dr. Mego.

These cool custom boxes were thrown in with part of my Ebay deal for the Dick Grayson.

People have been known to pimp out their wives, mortgage their homes, and sell their first born for these rarest of all Mego figures. Although, my Dick Grayson is original I am just as satisfied to have a repro Bruce Wayne. Just looking at them sends me back to my childhood.

For more Batman toy collectibles check us out.

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