Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ever Take a Bath with a Ewok?

There were lots of pics popping up lately of Avon's vintage Batmobile bubble bath, which I do own myself. I pulled it out to post a pic of mine and my wife asked me what it was.

She was amazed I still had it and asked me what I was going to post next, soap on a rope? Well, funny you should say that honey. Here's a look at my Star Wars soap collection.

Playful Wicket the Ewok. The small furry Ewok hunter and friend to Princess Leia. He looks harmless, but is a fearless fighter when provoked. That's why he's so great at helping you win the battle against dirt and grime. Lather up with wicket the Ewok and feel playful yourself.

Luke Skywalker, the bravest of all the warriors in the Rebellion. Once a farm boy on the desert world of Tantooine, now he mans his own spaceship, fighting the Imperial Forces, wherever he finds them. That's why he's so great at cleaning up dirt and grime. Lather up with Luke and feel like a hero yourself.

Chatty C-3PO. This talkative droid is always seen with his pal R2-D2, but now you can be his buddy too. C-3PO understands every language, and because he's such a good, all-knowing companion he knows best how to get rid of dirt and grime. Lather up with C-3PO. He's your best pal when it comes to keeping clean.
Fearless Darth Vader. This towering giant is the evil leader of the Imperial Forces. He is the most powerful villain in the galaxy. That's what makes him so great at rubbing out dirt and grime. Lather up with Darth Vader and feel like a giant yourself.

There is something about those descriptions on the backs of the boxes that make me feel more dirty than clean.

For more Star Wars collectibles check us out.

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