Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cast of Batman on Family Feud

I became a fan of the 1966 Batman TV series while my family still lived in Chicago before I started elementary school. To my disappointment I discovered when we moved that Batman did not air Las Vegas. Although, George Reeves as Superman did, but alas, no Batman

The only thing I had to look forward too was that the 1966 Batman movie would air a couple times a year. So I always looked forward to anything I could set my eyes on Batman TV series related.

Whether it be interviews, guest staring on other TV shows, or in this case game shows.

Here is an appearance of the cast of Batman on Family Feud that aired in the early 80's. Adam West, Burt Ward, Yvonne Craig, Lee Meriwether, and Vincent Price played for charity among other TV show stars of the 60's. I had the opportunity to meet Richard Dawson around this time by running into him at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

I remember watching this like yesterday. It' fun to watch again.

For more Batman stuff check us out.

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