Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mego: Removable Mask Robin

Well, I have shown you my Removable Cowl Batman and one caped crusader with a removable mask deserves another. And who else, but the Boy Wonder himself, Robin should get the honor.

Yes, Mego Robin's (like Batman's cowl) originally had a removable mask. These figures are known as "Removable Mask" or "RM" Robin figures. The masks were removable and revealed Robin's alter ego underneath as Dick Grayson. The Removable Mask Robin was only produced for a few months as the separate mask was eliminated and a painted one was put in its place. Although Batman's cowl remained removable a little while longer, Mego eventually went the same route with the Dark Knight.

I do not own or do I think I ever owned an original Removable Mask Robin. As I didn't own any Mego's until the age of three and those versions of the RM Robin's had been discontinued. My "RM" Robin is a type I Robin with body and suit original. The head is an original Dick Grayson head, which Mego later released as part of the Montgomery Ward's Christmas exclusive, but the mask is a repro courtesy of Dr Mego.

You got to have a "RM" Robin with a "RC" Batman as part of your collection. They're just not the Dynamic Duo without each either.

Don't they look great together in the Batmobile. How could Mego ever have done such a thing as paint their masks on? Holy mix up! What were they thinking?

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