Friday, January 15, 2010

Classic Interview With Adam West and Burt Ward

I so remember Entertainment Tonight's series called "25 Years of Television," which covered shows from the 60's like The Twilight Zone and Leave it to Beaver. But the one I especially liked was the one that dealt with Batman, of course.

I have this interview on cassette tape somewhere, as we didn't have a VCR yet at the time it aired. The original segment on Entertainment Tonight ran in 1982 and then again in 1987. I didn't record when it aired again, we had a VCR by then, but I forgot it was on and didn't record it. But with the magic of YouTube we can again see Adam West and Burt Ward in this interview.

Of course they were still young during the original run of the series, but Adam is probably about 60 and Burt is probably in his late 30's in this segment. Adam and Burt reminisce about having to wear "restraining devices", which when I was kid I thought they were talking about the predicaments they were put in, not restricting their manhood's.

For more Batman videos check us out.

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