Friday, October 18, 2013

Bringing A Balanced Lifestyle To The Force

Lou Ferrigno discusses the importance of a balanced lifestyle at the Las Vegas Comic Expo
I had the pleasure of meeting Lou Ferrigno at the 2013 Las Vegas Comic Expo and sitting in on a question and answer panel with the man who will forever be the Hulk to me.

Part of my enlightenment to take better care of myself came from Mr. Ferrigno's inspiring talking on how he went from a scrawny kid to one day being The Incredible Hulk.  During the panel he talked about the importance of exercise, but that eating healthy and getting plenty of rest all needed to be part of a balanced lifestyle.

It was cool to see him once again stressing the importance of being healthy on the premiere episode of Comic Book Men, in which, Kevin Smith hires Lou to train Kevin's friend and fellow Comic Book Man, Bryan Johnson.

I can relate to the unhealthy lifestyle that Bryan had adopted in just a few short years and how quickly things can get out of hand in such a short amount of time. Bryan did agree to the 2 day training session, but seemed to be ready to go right back to his schlep of a lifestyle after.

Getting healthy does take some effort to retrain your habits, but once you do and stick with it, it soon becomes effortless. You just have to stick with it. It takes time to make a habit.

So, those who wrote in and told me you needed to do it too, did you? Those who wrote in and told me you were on it already, are you still? If you haven't made the jump to light speed and began the path to a refined you, why haven't you? Time, don't care, not worth it? What would it take to get you motivated?

About the author: John Sholtz is an avid toy collector and the interim editor of the Batcave Toy Room due to the abrupt death of Bruce Wayne. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter at, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


  1. No exercise yet due to my foot issues am having at the moment but i started reducing my soda and junk food intake as well as moving to smaller portions.

    I think the goal will be removing soda all together from my habits and eating more fruit and veggies which i rather enjoy but it is going to be a slow move towards this but it is going to happen.

    1. Ever baby step forward helps John Boy. Soda is my downfall too and I am gradually reducing my intake. Caffeine withdrawals are the worst.

  2. I met Lou Ferringo at a car show when I was a kid. I didn't ask him for any fitness advice; I was just content to shake his hand and get his autograph!

    Although I missed that episode of Comic Book Men, I think Kevin Smith might have benefited from hiring Lou to create a workout/fitness routine for himself. As a fan of his Fat-Man on Batman podcast, I routinely here him poke fun at himself for his size. Although he makes light of his weight, I can't help but feel that deep down it bothers him.

    As for myself, I am sticking with my first round of P90X, but in full disclosure, since I got back from my Colorado trip, I've struggled to get my workouts in this week. Rather than beat myself up over it, I'm going to revise my calendar and 're-do' this week to get back on track. It will push my end date back, but that doesn't bother me.

    P90X3 is coming out in December and it is tempting to start saving up for it. Thirty-minute workouts sound a lot easier to fit into my schedule than the current sixty to ninety-minute sessions.

    1. I thought the same thing about Kevin.

      I've beat myself up over things like and that and it isn't worth it. Starting over and moving on seems to work best. Let go of the past and move forward.

      Every little bit helps. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

  3. I got obsessed with the movie Pumping Iron when I turned 17, I started working out like a madman for years. When I hit 21 I became a witness and had different goals. But always worked out sometimes. I am 41 now and look like I am 30 because of all the working out I did. Watch the movie! It is inspiring! When kids come to me to find out how to get big like me I say watch that movie 5 times in a row then read Schwarznegger's Encyclopedia of bodybuilding.

    1. I need to check out. Lou talked about it as well and it sounded inspiring.


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