Thursday, May 9, 2013

Famed Toy Collector Reveals How He Survived on a Deserted Island

We once again take a break from our 31 Days to a Better Toy Collection Challenge to complete this weeks homework assignment from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers.

This weeks assignment:

You are stranded for 10 years on a deserted island. You can take with you the following:
One food item (in a never-ending supply), one movie, one game, and one pop culture character.

My first thought for this assignment was to think of it scientifically and the items that would most likely ensure survival. However, the more I thought about it the following items would in fact bring about the most likely chance of survival. At least my survival.

For my one food item, I originally thought ice cream would be the best as it is the one desert I just can't say no too and that it would just drop out of the sky daily like it did in the Gilligan's Island episode "Three to get Ready." I also thought about an endless supply of Chef Boyardee mini ravioli, which was a childhood favorite, hell it's still a favorite, but I went with Brian's idea from Collected Collected for a daily supply of subs. Just as much as I like the before mentioned items, I do love me a good sandwich more.

For my one movie, it was a tough one, but I thought about what DVD I tend to pop in the most out of all the movies in my collection and the winner is The Empire Strikes Back. Looks like Retro Toy Safari is with me on this one. Most of the time I don't watch the entire movie. Sometimes I just watch a random scene and get my fix.

That movie is nothing but non-stop action. From the time Luke gets dragged away by the Wampa to when Lando and Chewie go off to find Jabba the Hut and that Bounty Hunter. What's his name Lando? Oh, yes, Boba Fett. It's also the movie that made me the Geek I am today and responsible for kicking off my Star Wars Toy Collection. How could I live without it?

For my one game, it's seems most would pick a video game, but I would pick Monopoly. I can play that game for hours and usually end up winning as no one I played could ever go the distance.

For my one pop culture icon, I thought about Batman like The 30ish year old boy did or even Boba Fett and we could use Boba's jet pack like Gilligan and gang did in the episode "It's a bird, It's a plane, it's Gilligan" and try to get rescued, but I chose Lara Croft. Who better then Lara to be on a desert island with for ten years. Lara can certainly survive a stint on a desert island and I'd rather be stuck on a desert island with a women so we could well, you know...have those girl to girl talks.

I sure hope Lara likes subs, Empire, and Monopoly.

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About the author: John Sholtz is an avid toy collector and the interim editor of the Batcave Toy Room due to the abrupt death of Bruce Wayne. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter at, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.


  1. We're two for two! A sub is an excellent choice also. With the noodles I was working under the assumption I'd have a variety of flavours; I hope the same would apply for yourself...

    1. I am typically a ham and cheese kind of guy Joe, but having a variety of choices sure would help. Ten years is a long time to eat the same thing everyday. No matter how much you love something.


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