Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So Close, Yet so Far to Comic-Con!

You have to be kidding me, Comic Con is Sold Out! I have been to Star Wars Celebrations, Star Trek Conventions, and smaller comic book conventions, but never to the Grandaddy of them all, Comic-Con.

I made it an absolute point that I was going to be attending the smorgasbord of geekness this year. My super cool, yet non-geek wife agreed to let me go, while she stayed behind to care for our little Batgirls in the making. I had my member ID all ready to go and on Saturday morning at 8:00 sharp I was ready to buy my badge. Me and obviously 60,000 others.

Myself and my local friends had painstakingly waited our turns and planned whoever got to the front of the line first would buy badges for everyone, but the above pic shows the closest we came to the end was the 2,322 person in line. For those of you who managed to get badges, please send me pics while you are there. As for me, I guess there is always next year.


  1. Man that is just crazy it sold out as fast as it did. Sorry to hear that you won't be able to go John it would of been fun.

  2. JBoy - Yes, it would be. They say that there may be more tickets released down the road. So, I may still get the chance to go, but I am not holding my breath.


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