Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly Toy Blog Round Up: Back to Purging, Where Has the Time Gone, and Batmobiles

Wow! Can you believe it is December already? Where has the year gone? Took a week off from my toy purging project, but I'll be getting back on it this weekend. In other news, I am planning on making December Batmobile month. So, the focus will primarily be on the different Batmobiles in my collection. Hope everyone has a great weekend and your year ends with a bang.

  1. Batstuff # 20 @ 1966 My Favorite Year
  2. Yavin IV Medal Ceremony action figures @ Kicho Meteora Star Wars Collector
  3. 2011 in piles @ Confessions Of A Plastic Junkie
  4. Six Million Dollar Finds! @ Atomic Toy & Comic Blog
  5. Star Wars Vintage Cloud Car Diecast @ I See, I Like, I Buy & I Might Blog When I Feel Like It...
  6. DC Universe Classics Stargirl @ Come, See Toys 
  7. Iron Man - Marvel Select @ Action Figures
  8. Display Updates @ Toys N' More
  9. Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 1,687: Luke Skywalker @ Galactic Hunter's Star Wars Figure of the Day with Adam Pawlus
  10. Legoland Endor @Toyriffic


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