Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hallmark Keepsake 1966 Batmobile Batman Christmas Tree Ornament

Collecting Christmas ornaments has never been part of my collecting until I came across this keepsake of the world's most recognizable car...The Batmobile.

With its aggresive styling and gadgets galore, the Batmobile is almost certainly the most well equipped car in history. From the Bat-tering Ram in the front to the Bat Smoke Screen in the rear, the souped-up supercar is chock full of tricks and tools. Its arsenal includes Bat-Turn parachutes that enable it to turn 180 degrees, an automatic fire extinguisher, a tire inflater, the Bat Ray, the Bat Beam and, of course, the Batcomputer and Batphone that keep the Dynamic Duo up to speed when they're on the go.

Soon as I saw Batman's ride at my local Hallmark store, I new I had to have it as one of my Batman collectibles.

Hallmark's rendering of the Batmobile is extremely detailed and reminds of the vintage Corgi Batmobiles or even more so the more recent Hot Wheel versions.

You can see the parachute packs that deploy when the Emergency Bat-Turn is activated as well as, the retro rocket in this rear view.

My favorite part of this ornament is it plays the Batman TV series theme song when the button behind the rocket launchers is pushed.

The coolness of this Batmobile has interested me in picking up other Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. There are lots of other comic book super hero and Star Wars inspired ornaments that are extremely detailed and have some cool electronic features that play dialogue, music, and sound effects from the movies and TV series that inspire them, but I definitely think the Batmobile is my favorite.


  1. I love it John! are these still sale at Hallmark?

  2. Jboy - Yes, the last time I was at Hallmark, which was a couple of days ago, they still had plenty.

  3. Cool might see about getting one. : )

  4. Jboy - Cool. Happy Hunting. Let me know if you can't find one.


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