Monday, September 26, 2011

Retro-Action DC Super Heroes: Kyle Rayner

Well, after a two month delay, I finally was able to order Kyle Rayner. The delay was caused by, of all things, he was missing his power ring. They forgot to paint it. So here he is in all his green glory.

Kyle Rayner, is the last of MattyCollector.com Green Lantern exclusives from the Retro-Action DC Super Heroes line. This most likely is the last figure to ever be produced for the line as well, as the entire line has been cancelled by Mattel. The action figure is fourth to be released as part of the Green Lantern exclusives proceeded by Sinestro (Sinestro Corp Outfit), Guy Gardner, and John Stewart.

Unlike the Green Lantern from wave 1 and John Stewart, who share the same costumes, but have an exclusive head sculpt, this 8" Kyle Rayner figure, like the aforementioned Guy Gardner, has an original costume made especially for the figure.

This Green Lantern comes with a black & white cloth outfit and is accompanied by a green power battery that also came with all other Green Lantern action figures in the line.

His blister card has the same retro look, reminiscent of the vintage Mego action figures, as all other figures in the line and shares the same green color as his exclusive counterparts.

Release date: Originally July 15, 2011 changed to September 15, 2011

Assortment: V4309

Retail: $19.99

Weapons and accessories: Power Battery

As an added bonus, I received a $5 coupon to be used towards the purchase of any DC Universe 6 inch action figure. Wish I would have received one of these for every Matty Collector purchase I made. Who should I get with my coupon?


  1. Awesome John am glad you finally got this figure and can you use that coupon with the new Batman Legacy figures? You could get Catman with it if you can.

  2. Thanks JBoy. I am not sure, but I am definitely going to find out.


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