Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage Riddler Action Figure by Mego 1974-1978

The Riddler, that infernal Prince of Puzzlers, who has outwitted the Gotham City Police Department a dozen times and of course Batman's Arch Enemy. Like Mego's Joker and Penguin action figures, the Riddler was part of their World's Greatest Foes line. Although, the Riddler did have a fist fighting version of himself, he was not as big a seller as his counterparts.

In my opinion, The Riddler was just as well done as the other villains from The World's Greatest Super-Heroes series. Even though he wasn't as popular as the other villains, he now rivals The Joker in terms of collectors popularity. Probably because he is more rare.

The figure is simple. Standard screen printed body suit, similar to that of the Penguin and Joker, and purple utility belt. Originally, the Riddler had an elastic belt identical to early versions found on Robin. Except in purple. Later the belt was changed to the same mold as Batman's utility belt. Again in molded purple rather than yellow.

The Riddler came in both widow box and blister card versions.

Riddle me this: What has no flesh on nor nail, but has four fingers and a thumb?


  1. Another great figure from Mego simple but excellent. I don't think the Riddler was nearly a popular enemy of Batman back then like the Joker was.

  2. JBoy- Before appearing on the Batman TV series, the Riddler only appeared twice in the comics. After his popularity increased from Frank Gorshin's portrayal of the character he appeared more often. But you are right. The Joker even had his own comic book in the 70's.

  3. Frank Gorshin's portrayal of the character is the "blue print" of how the Riddler should be at lest to me. I hate Jim Curry's version i would of rather had Robin Williams who i heard want the role because he was a fan of Frank's version. Is this true? Am not for sure but it would be neat to see him doing the role.

  4. JBoy- Frank Gorshin is the only Riddler there is too me as well. Robin Williams has wanted to play the Riddler since production on the movies began. I believe when it was rumnored the character may be in The Dark Knight Rises, he expressed interest as well. I think he would do well in the role.


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