Sunday, May 15, 2011

McDonald's Batman Forever Collectible Glasses 1995

In 1995, McDonald's released these four glasses to tie-in with the release of Batman Forever. I had only picked up The Riddler during the original release of the glasses. Don't remember why. I guess I ate healthier then and didn't go to Mcdonald's every week. Even to get all these glasses.

The Riddler



 The other three glasses Batman, Robin, and Two Face, were given to me by a friend, who just so happened to have the 3 remaining glasses I needed. Check out the commercial featuring Batman and The Riddler. Did anyone else know these glasses were made in the Batcave?

There was also a hero sandwich served at McDonald's for a limited time to promote the movie as well. The sandwich had three beef patties, American and Monterrey Jack cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and mayo. Man, it's making me hungry. Check out the promo below featuring Batman and Batmobile.

Have you had your break today?

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  1. My glasses have the same graphics yet are shaped at 45degree angles.


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