Friday, February 4, 2011

Ellen Page Get My Vote as Lois Lane in the Next Superman Movie

We have revealed that Henry Cavill is the new Superman, but rumors have started that there is a leading lady list, just like the one for The Dark Knight Rises, for the upcoming Superman movie. The latest Intel says the list has gone from 11 down to 3 and that Lois Lane might not even be in Superman: The Man of Steel. I kind of have my doubts that Lois would be absent, but you never know. Ellen Page was on the original list of 11 and after seeing this pic Page gets my vote. I think I see Superman undies there too.

Any ideas who should be Superman's leading lady?

Update: Actress Amy Adams has been cast as The Man of Steel's love interest, Lois Lane.
(Via Blastr and Variety)


  1. Tom Welling should be Superman in the Movie not Henry Cavill, Tom is the best and Erica Durance has been the best Lois. Superman women is always Lois Lane.

  2. I agree. I would have like to have seen Tom Welling get a shot of playing Superman in a movie format, but unfortunately that will now probably never happen. I do like Erica Durance as an actress and at times I have liked her portrayal as Lois Lane, but for me there is something missing with her version of the character that I can't put my finger on.


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