Monday, January 10, 2011

Plot Leaked for The Dark Knight Rises

The script for Batman 3 may have possibly been leaked. According to Scriptflags.com they have a copy of the Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer's screenplay for the upcoming third Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Scriptflags isn't a 100% sure it is legit themselves, but they say, "if it's a fake, it's the best fake we've seen."

Here's what the say is in the script:
  • The assassin Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) is broken out of prison and brought to Gotham City.
  • Crime is way down in Gotham and Batman has become more of a myth than anything else.
  • Batman has a Batwing like aircraft called "The Wraith," a rebuilt Wayne Manor and Batcave and an EMP equipped Batmobile.
  • Wayne Enterprises is struggling with competition (and a lawsuit) from Roland Daggett's Daggett Industries (which, in the animated series, invented the goop that turns actor Matt Hagen into Clayface), and Lucius Fox feels he must turn against the irresponsible Bruce Wayne.
  • The Villainous Black Mask has hired Dead Shot and is working with Roland Daggett, although it's unclear who he's been hired to kill (probably Batman or Bruce Wayne, of course).
  • Eward Nashton has the Riddler's name, but Hugo Strange's character, as he figured out Batman's identity and uses this to mess with the Dark Knight's head.
  • Commissioner Gordon and a Detective Adams are heading up the task force to catch Batman.
  • Talia al Ghul makes a brief appearance.          
There is a whole lot of stuff shoved in here and feels a lot like Spiderman 3. If this is a real deal it may be a copy of the first draft as it doesn't seem like the well formed, smooth flowing story we have seen from the previous Christopher Nolan Bat-films. It will be interesting to see if any of this true, but one main item that seems to be lacking are Nolan's two leading ladies that he has been looking to fill. Talia al Ghul is mention, but who's the other?

(via io9 and Scriptflags)

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