Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Win the Green Honet's Black Beauty From Carl's Jr.

As you may know, I think the 1966 TV series Batmobile is the ultimate collectible. Not just a toy version, but the actual running automobile. But if I can't get Batman's famous car at the moment and had a chance to pick up The Green Hornet's rolling arsenal, I wouldn't turn it down.

So I dragged my wife over to Carl's Jr. the other day, well, I didn't exactly drag her, she came on her own free will. All I had to say was, I'd like to get a shot at winning The Green Hornet's car, The Black Beauty, and she was all about it.

If you buy a large drink, you will receive a cup with a special code for a chance to win The Black Beauty. Then all you do is go over to http://www.facebook.com/carlsjr and enter the special code. I won't know if I won until sometime next year, but it would be too cool to win, wouldn't it?

Check out Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet below in the Carl's Jr. Promotional commercial.

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