Saturday, March 20, 2010

Batman Button

Here's a look at a Batman button from my collection. I am not sure where this button came from. It may have come with something Batman related or was just bought separately.

I do remember having a sticker with the same drawing of Batman. I had actually converted my G.I. Joe jeep into the Batjeep. I had painted it blue from it's camouflage color and then slapped the sticker on the hood.

The Batman sticker had the caption "To the Batcave," where as this button has no caption. I am not sure where the sticker came from either, but for some reason I think it came with my Remco energized Batman maybe.

The jeep is no where to be found as I believe my first wife "accidentally" (right) gave it to Goodwill with some other toys like my Mego Batcave. You would never believe how many of my treasures are buried in the Las Vegas dump.

For more Batman collectibles check us out.

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