Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toys R Us Now Has a Rewards R Us Program

When I picked up my 1:50 Hot Wheels Batmobile last weekend the cashier offered me to join the Toys R Us program Rewards R Us.

The program is fee to join. So the next time you are at Toys R Us picking up the latest Batman or Super Hero, Star Wars, or other toys be sure to register for the program.

Anytime you can save money on collectibles is worth taking the time to sign up. Besides the more money you save, the more money have to by more toy collectibles.

For more toy collectibles check us out.


  1. Wait--so what's the "fee to join"? I don't usually do rewards programs if there's a cost associated.

  2. I don't either. I think retailers like Barnes & Noble charge for their rewards program, but here's the good news...Toys R Us has no fee to join their rewards program. So go ahead and get yourself signed up. It's cool.


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