Thursday, February 11, 2010

Carrie Fisher Sings in the Star Wars Holiday Special

We've looked at the limited singing careers of TVs Dynamic Duo, Adam West and Burt Ward, and I took a look around to see what else I could find.

Here's a listen of Carrie Fisher giving it a shot in the Star Wars Holiday Special. I remember wanting to watch this special when I was kid. I really don't remember much about except Chewbacca family and Stormtoopers trashing Chewie's place.

This scene of Princess Leia signing the tree of life song. I don't remember this scene at all and you probably don't want to remember after you watch. I thought this was cool as a kid, but even George Lucas is embarrassed by this TV special, and never would allow it to be released again.

George really didn't have much to do with the special since he was busy with the Empire Strikes Back.

A couple of things to think about besides Leia's solo when watching this:

1. What's up with Harrison Ford's and Mark Hamill's makeup?

2. Is Chewie have some kind of drug induced trip at the end of this clip?

I really need to go back this entire special. At least for nostalgic reasons.

For more Star Wars videos check us out.

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