Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Mego World's Greatest Super Hero Wish List

When it comes to the action figure portion of my Mego World's Great Super Heroes collection I am pretty much satisfied. I am not really a completest when it comes to that. Generally, my collection contains items that I have had since I was a kid or items that had as a kid, but had to replace (do to my parents throwing them away, broken, etc). Mainly I am trying to have at least everything I had once owned as a child. My collection of Mego's is pretty much been restored with the exception of a few items.

Mego Batcopter either boxed or carded

Never owned, but would like to own Batman's Batcycle.

I do favor the black version over the blue

Die Cast Incredible Hulk

Never had, but do want to complete the series - Die Cast Spiderman

As you can see I only need to a few more items to satisfy my wants...who am I kidding? Are we collectors ever really satisfied? What's on your wish list?

For more Super Hero collectibles check us out.

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