Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Calling all Superheroes! The Children's Discovery Museum Recuits For Superheroes Day

Rocket Raccoon stand tall during Superheroes Day 

Have you ever wondered what sort of superhero you would be if the opportunity was given to you?
Could it be Solar Power? Can you whip up tornados? Could you travel back to the prehistoric times? What better place to decode your inner hidden powers than the children's discovery museum! On August 1st The Children's Discovery Museum gave the Las Vegas community the opportunity to test out their abilities and brains for Superheroes Day!

Within the vibrant lively chambers of the Children's Discovery Museum was an ocean of superheroes of all ages. In every direction symbols of justice were proudly displayed.  There was no doubt that calendars were marked all across the city for this convention for aspiring geeks.

Arts and Crafts were endless as The Children's Discovery Museum held activity booths scattered around the floors. True identities could be safely concealed behind masks. Costumes were geared up with utility wrist bands. My eyes took in hundreds of unique superheroes this universe has yet to know. Some of my favorites had to be the colorful Marvel tutus and a cape with "MOM" in Superman's notorious S-Shield.

Vegas Batman and Critical Care Comics always answer the call to lend a hand in the Vegas Valley

You could always tell when a hero was making an appearance nearby as the excitement became nearly overpowering! At one point in Fantasy Festival the stage starred Wonder Woman with both Spiderman and Batman on either side of her. My guess was that with all the new sidekicks The Gotham Knight recruited that day Robin is taking a mini vacation. 

The Huntress is ready for action for Superheroes Day

Superheroes Day made me wonder if I look just as enthusiastic at the conventions I attend! One thing I really liked about this event was that it was everything but limited.  Among the comic book inspired superheroes I also saw various appreciation for video game characters like Super Mario, and Disney's beloved Buzzlight Year and The Incredibles. Imagination was continuously growing where kids could experience their own 'Day in the life of an Adult'. I mean, who wouldn't like a Jamba Juice smoothie from Xmen's Storm? Or to see Spiderman and Batman shopping down the same isle at your local grocery store?

About the author:  Jassa Rae is a writer with a growing arsenal of video games and collectibles. When she’s not attending concerts or conventions she can be found in her own Batcave.

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